Many excellent resources are available to help you, or a loved one, if you’ve been diagnosed with ATTR-CM.

Check out the links below. They can help you find healthcare providers who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of amyloidosis and connect you with other important resources.

Pfizer does not sponsor, maintain or confirm the accuracy of these resources, nor does Pfizer endorse any specific healthcare provider.

Find support from these trusted amyloidosis organizations

Amyloidosis Support Groups

  • Provides education through support meetings, live in 30 cities
  • Provides education through virtual webinars, as well as support groups on Facebook

Amyloidosis Research Consortium

  • Provides comprehensive support and information for patients
  • Accelerates development of and access to new and innovative treatments
  • Drives research that will have the greatest impact on patients

Amyloidosis Foundation

  • Supports research for an earlier diagnosis
  • Educates medical professionals
  • Provides patients with a comprehensive range of services
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Get the Message Facebook Community

  • Connect with others impacted by ATTR-CM
  • Hear firsthand stories from patients who have been diagnosed
  • Learn more about the condition
Additional Resources
  • Learn more about hereditary ATTR-CM and how this disease has affected former NBA player and coach, Don Chaney. Download Don's brochure
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